Sihem Baaboud, Osteopath D.O. in Montréal
Sihem Baaboud, Osteopath D.O. in Montréal

Sihem Baaboud, Osteopath D.O. in Montréal

I grew up being fascinated by the world of the health and with the desire to help people become pain free, I decided to choose Osteopathy. My altruism, my patience and my determination allowed me to succeed and to spread me in Osteopathy.

I work in Osteopathy because this manual therapy allows to care all typical patients, at anytime the life, by adapting itself to each of them : babies, athletics, children, pregnant women, seniors ; through to diversity of techniques not painful, being able to answer needs of each one. What interested me most at the time, was that Osteopathy allows a holistic and global approach to the human body.

I am a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure d’Ostéopathie and Centre d’Ostéopathie ATMAN, in France. I completed a six-year osteopathy program and wrote a one-year dissertation with pregnant women suffered GERD troubles during their pregnancy.

At the care center integrated into the school, she had the opportunity to work with a large spectrum of cases.


Head traumas

Postural issues

Lower back pain

Anxiety and depression

Through this experience and with my extensive background, I work to balance out all systems of the body in order to have concrete results. I work closely with my clients to create a treatment plan, in order to have sustainable results.

Always improving my therapeutic work and the quality of the care, I maintain and I develop regularly my knowledge by following trainings or seminars in Osteopathy : in particular I work with K-Taping, and I practise aquatic osteopathy.

I decided to move in Montreal in 2017 in order to expand my practice of Osteopathy. I am currently continuing my education in order to further the success with my clientele.

Sihem Baaboud, Osteopath D.O. in Montréal (438) 924-9488

Working hours

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  • From 07:00 to 21:00 (Open now)
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